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Venus opposite Saturn

Too Little in Common

Kelli Fox

This relationship was certainly an odd duck. Did you two come together out of love, or was there more to it? Aspects in your pairing point out a relationship that was forced, rather than natural.

Was one of you in it for the money? Were you paired up by family, or was one of you trying to get something from the other? Putting this aside, this was not a relationship that seemed to unfold naturally. You did not have much in common, since your attention was attuned to relationships with people and your social life, and your partner's attentions were mired in the workaday world. Your sweetie no doubt viewed you as rather self-indulgent, lazy and flighty, while you found your mate nitpicky and emotionally cold. You found it difficult to be affectionate with your mate, and felt resentful of being held to certain standards. On the other hand, your partner could have brought out much in you. Inside you is a person that can act with verve and power, a person you've allowed to loaf beneath your fun-loving exterior. If you had permitted your partner to activate this facet of your personality you would have become more, both together and within yourself -- but it wouldn't have been easy. Perhaps next time you'll choose someone who's a little easier to be with.

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