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Venus opposite Pluto

Jealous Lovers

Kelli Fox

Acid burned in your stomach, your thoughts raced, your heart beat its way out of your chest -- were these the signals of the end of your relationship? Your lover had you entertaining a certain green-eyed monster, and it was awfully unsexy. Would you have wanted to come home to a lover who demanded that you account for your time?

Not likely. But as much as you wanted to play it cool, your possessive attachment to your partner seemed to make it impossible. You viewed everyone your partner came near with suspicion; you even made embarrassing scenes in front of others. Not to mention how miserable you made things at home. So what was the key to smoothing your path? For starters, both of you needed to recommit to each other. Were you each where you wanted to be? Were you heading in a direction that both of you favored? Why were you with each other? Once you'd answered these questions, you could have started to formulate a plan for tackling your problems. You shouldn't have been afraid to start. After all, what you were doing wasn't working. Had you tried something new, broken out of your patterns, you might have created a passionate and equal future together.

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