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Venus opposite Mercury

Quibbling Twosome

Kelli Fox

Oooh! It burned you up, being treated like a kid. You spent too much money on this or that, you were too indulgent, you were too spoiled, blah blah blah.

Your lover worked more, talked more and was incredibly self-righteous about it. You always suffered in comparison. But really, who asked your lover to be such a talker and not a doer? Life is for living, you think, and you were having such a wonderful time you didn't want to slow down. But how could you have been indulging yourself so much when your lover was not along for the ride? It was almost cruel to be so focused on your own fun when your sweetie was not having much fun at all.Sorry, but you needed to rein it in a bit if you wanted to work this one out. You were not the only one in this relationship, and everything couldn't go your way all the time. If your sweetie favored evenings at home in front of the TV and you were out all the time, then you should have compromised -- stayed home a few nights. Tossed your lover a bone. After all, you were cherished and adored, a state oh so many would like to be in. You shouldn't have selfishly attended to your own needs and left your lover in the lurch. A change on your part could have produced a change in outcome.

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