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Uranus square Venus

You Wanted Different Things

Kelli Fox

Whew, this was a tough one. The problems you experienced stemmed from a vast difference in lifestyles, beliefs, and values. You were a rebel who couldn't be tied down.

Your lover was more interested in attachment and romance than anything else, and while that seemed appealing at first blush, you were not enjoying living up to the obligations you took on without really thinking. You were left feeling as if you couldn't breathe. You wanted space. Your lover wanted security. And these contradictory desires had trouble coexisting.If you were to endure, you had to take solace in the intense connection you had. it was an amazing thing to be near your lover. You were attracted...compelled. Your mate was physically beautiful, which was nice, but even better, your lover was completely into you, excited by your disruptive, untamable streak. All the energy made the air between you pop and sizzle; even arguments seemed to lead to a physicality that has a way of making the problems seem far less important. This connection could have sustained you during hard times. If it had been strong enough the pair of you could have endured; living on love, waiting for better times when things got rough.

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