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Uranus square Sun

Burned Up Like a Supernova

Kelli Fox

Like a supernova, your relationship was hot, hot, hot -- but tended to burn itself out. The two of you were either on or off, hot or cold, with each of you fluctuating through perverse cycles. It's likely that your lover was pressuring you for a commitment, wanting to know your intentions.

But how could you communicate what you were after when you were not even sure yourself? You operated on your emotions, lived in the moment. If you wanted to see your lover you popped in; when you wanted some alone time you disappeared. This made your lover insecure, and the response was to cling, a restriction that set a vicious cycle into motion. Your rebellious streak spelled doom for this relationship, as it had for so many of your past ones. But you shouldn't have been so quick to throw this one on the ash heap. You had found a lover who was stable and true, kindhearted and loving. That was a rare treasure, and one that should have been valued. You needed to try to break your patterns. You should have forced yourself to stay when you wanted to go, held on instead of pushing away. Your lover would have blossomed with your attentions if you'd provided them -- and then you could have basked in the sweet, tender love you received.

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