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Uranus square Mercury

Where Was the Consideration?

Kelli Fox

Did it give you pleasure to withhold security from your lover? Or were you just acting without thinking, definitely an M.O. for you?

Whatever was in your head, your actions were just plain hurtful. Your lover didn't mean to stifle or smother you by asking for more and begging for commitment. It's just that there was a lot of space between you, too much space for comfort. You were a bit distant, a lot unreliable. You took off when things got too serious, acted without thinking, considered your own needs above those of others. Your partner, on the other hand, was apt to over-think everything, invent problems where there were none, and say the wrong thing at the wrong time.What could two such thoughtless people have done to heal the bruises they inflicted upon each other? You could have slowed down, for starters. Tempered your desires to flee when you got uncomfortable. Asked your partner to express emotions clearly. Asked questions and listened to the answers. You both had to learn to share your inner selves rather than rushing along in a hurry to get somewhere. A slower pace and better communication skills will go a long way to mending your relationships issues.

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