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Uranus square Mars


Kelli Fox

If your mom had given you advice, she'd have warned you about this lover, because you influenced each other in negative ways. You had a volatile and unstable relationship, laced with a lot of drama. It often seemed as if you and your lover were at odds -- one of you wanted to draw closer, the other was longing for space and freedom.

One of you may be have been more career-minded and ambitious; the other was more focused on home and romance. You also encouraged the worst in each other, with qualities emerging that would have been squelched in other, less unstable relationships. Together you were more apt to spend unwisely, indulge too often, act without thinking.The two of you simply should have taken things more slowly. You could have practiced this important art in your private lives: not blurting out unkind things or acting quickly; instead considering your words and actions first. More importantly, you could have encouraged each other to move with greater deliberation outside the relationship. You shouldn't have made any sudden, rash decisions. Instead, you should have set goals and made plans. A little consideration could have changed this impulsive pairing into a healthy partnership that thrived and endured.

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