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Uranus square Jupiter


Kelli Fox

There was a breathless aspect to your relationship, which was exciting but tended to exhaust you. The two of you were always busy in some way -- immersed in a vivid social life? Rushing around getting stuff done?

Whatever the hurry-scurry was, it impacted negatively on your love relationship. One of you was likely harassing the other for a commitment, while the other was acting like a tomato seed on the cutting board: slipping and sliding away the more pressure was applied. Your lover was intimidated by you; your unorthodox opinions and actions were threatening to your lover's sense of propriety. Never one to knuckle under to criticism, you responded by being still more outrageous.The key to maintaining your connection was to channel your energies in positive ways. Instead of doing things intended to tweak your lover's values, you should have thrown yourself into a project both you and your partner would have adored. Something career related? A grand and glorious trip to an exotic land? A charitable pursuit? Whatever it was, this new interest would have focused you both on the sparks between you rather than your differences. For future reference, this is the key to success in any relationship.

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