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Uranus quincunx Sun

Secrets and Lies

Kelli Fox

It was love at first sight for you and your lover, and that first, blinding chemistry didn't fade one whit. It is likely that you met under unusual circumstances -- perhaps by chance? -- and that edgy, unreliable aspect seemed to permeate your relationship.

You may have some sort of circumstances holding you apart, or one of you may even be keeping your relationship secret for some reason. Whatever the unfavorable circumstances were, they seemingly added more spice to an already intense connection. When you were together it seemed like you could spend an eternity drowsing in each other's arms, looking into each other's eyes. But when you are apart -- more the rule than the exception, unfortunately -- you were plunged into despair.If this relationship was going to endure, it needed to be brought into the here and now. You had to stop ducking around corners and let your love be known. You needed to meet each other's friends. Introduce your families. These notes of reality may have intruded upon your idyll, but they were essential if you were to wrestle this relationship to the ground. Hiding your feelings and pretending it was the two of you against the world was so teenage -- and successful relationships require adults, not kids.

Uranus quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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