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Uranus quincunx Mars

Hot But Unsteady

Kelli Fox

You had a hot thing on your hands there -- maybe a bit too hot. You enjoyed the lusty connection you and your lover shared, but things could have been a bit calmer. At times it felt as if you and your lover were either snuggling in bliss or shouting at each other; there was no middle ground, no space for relaxation and calm.

It all exacerbated your natural tendencies toward jittery action. You tended to look without leaping, and your partner's presence encouraged this unstable habit. Together, the two of you may have gotten yourselves into some very troublesome times indeed -- was your bank balance plummeting, your health deteriorating, your emotional state unsteady?There was much that could have been saved here, but your way of doing things as a couple had to be overhauled. Your tendencies towards quick, dramatic actions and hasty decisions had to be curbed. The key was to talk with your partner -- how did your relationship fit into the big picture you both envisioned your lives to be? Once you had cleared on your goals, you could have set priorities and kept them uppermost in your mind. You shouldn't have made decisions without thinking about the repercussions. You needed to slow down a little -- you don't drive without knowing where you're going, do you?

Uranus quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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