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Uranus quincunx Jupiter

Drama and Deception

Kelli Fox

The two of you were as mismatched as odd socks, but it didn't have to be all bad news. You probably came together in some type of dramatic circumstances, and the hangover from the tumultuous meeting caused a sort of emotional hangover. It could be that one of you had one foot in another relationship -- did you get the roaming eye?

Or was it your partner? Regardless, suspicions and mistrust cast a pall on your pairing. The sweetness drained from your dealings; you viewed each other as enemies to be conquered. Where was that 'you and me against the world, honey' spirit you once had?Your rough spot was not an easy hurdle to simply hop over. If you had wanted this love to survive, most of the work here had to be done by you. You needed to be clear on what you wanted. Who did you want to be with? Where did you see yourself in five years? Where were you going and why? Acting on emotion alone only landed you in tricky situations; you needed to act in your best interest and weather the uncomfortable emotions the transition brought on. No one ever said the path of true love runs smoothly; an adult doesn't expect it to be that easy.

Uranus quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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