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Uranus opposite Saturn

Divided Loyalties

Kelli Fox

It was likely your love relationship started in an unexpected, even startling way. Were one of you swept off your feet? Perhaps one of you even broke off another relationship to make way for this new, thrilling love.

But decisions have repercussions, and yours lingered. There may have been another person in your relationship (a child? an ex?) who caused tension. Three's a crowd, they say, and you couldn't have agreed more. But asking your spouse to always side with you seemed unfair, even cruel. You wanted to be the one on top, the one who always won, but divided loyalties made that impossible.Though your automatic response was to ditch the drama and head out on your own, the two of you were actually well-placed for growth had you been able to weather your hard patches. Much of the problem could have been solved by you alone if you had stopped making everything a power struggle. You didn't see situations for what they were -- arguments over small things, not grand battles for the ultimate victory. Your partner felt henpecked by your demands but you kept making them. If you could have stopped pushing so hard, your mate wouldn't have had to resist so fiercely.

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