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Sun square Venus

It Would've Been Worth The Work

Kelli Fox

Few could resist your magnetic, magnificent lover, and certainly you were not immune to their many, many charms. So why did you find yourself chafing under the bonds of your link? You were annoyed and irritated by things large and small; you picked fights when your sweetie would rather have been snuggling on the sofa or making a hand-in-hand grand entrance at some glam party.

Why was it you couldn't seem to relax and enjoy a relationship that looked so good on paper? Your relationship showed exceeding promise, if you could only have made it past rough spots you experienced. You and your mate shared a certain generosity of spirit, enlivened by a love of good living and a desire to connect deeply with others. Yes, your pairing was challenging -- because you demanded the best from yourself and from others, and neither one of you let the other one slack off. You needed to learn to live up to each other's expectations. If you could have risen to the challenge, you might have crafted the kind of remarkable relationship that would make others envy what you had.

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