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Sun square Saturn

Could Of, Would Of, Should Of

Kelli Fox

On paper you and your lover didn't work at all. You were directed, goal-oriented, a little impetuous, a lot dramatic. Your lover, on the other hand, was solid and, to your mindset, a little stodgy.

You came up with grandiose dreams, your sweetie stomped on them by pointing out all the flaws. You expressed dreams and your lover let in all that bothersome reality. Sometimes it felt like you were a big balloon all inflated with hope, and your mate was a big ol' pin just waiting to puncture you. No wonder you experienced some friction over the course of your relationship; fights little and big. But look more deeply at the problems you had. Was your mate trying to bring you down, or give you a hand by helping ensure you turn big ideas into actual plans? You got so wound up with what you viewed as criticisms that you stopped listening to the sense behind what your lover said. Were you playing the part of a rebellious adolescent, agitating against Mummy and Daddy? You needed to act your age and try listening like an adult instead. Your lover had much to teach you if you had only been willing to let go and learn.

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