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Sun square Neptune

It Was A Dreamy Love

Kelli Fox

You found this love so difficult to grab onto, did you not? You wrapped your other lovers around your little finger, blessed as you are with a magnetism and confidence that convinces others you're always in control. But for some reason you felt you'd lost your way with this lover.

You couldn't seem to understand each other; it was like you spoke different languages. You may even have found, as time went on, that your lover harder to pin down in the day-to-day sense. Your phone rang less and less. You spent more time at home alone waiting for something to happen instead of making plans on your own. You needed to take a good hard look at your love relationship. You chose yourself a sweetie who was creative and sweet, tender and dreamy. So you couldn't expect them to have a fiery drive to match your own. Your lover may have been trying to tell you something that you were not willing to hear. You expected every message to be in words, but as your lover understood, sometimes actions say much more. If you had wanted this to work, you'd have needed to learn to listen to what your lover was not saying, and then you would have had a better chance of hanging onto this shifty, drifting love.

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