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Sun square Mercury

Lack of Understanding

Kelli Fox

How often did you stare at your sweetie with a gaping jaw, wondering what on earth they were thinking? Misunderstandings haunted your pairing. Both of you meant well, but at times it seemed you were speaking different languages.

And you, with your galloping ego, got all huffy puffy, fueling the friction that was always simmering between the pair of you. You raged. Your lover clammed up. A roaring silence stretched between you, both of you too stubborn to break the tension.But the power to fix this relationship was in your hands, had you wanted to. You picked yourself a mercurial, restless, enigmatic lover for a reason -- you found the challenge intriguing and sexy. You could have gone with it, learned to be comfortable with a bit of mystery. You were never going to wallow in perfect, contented understanding with your sweetie; instead you had an exciting lover who stirred you up. Argue and debate could have been a prelude to passion instead of letting your quibbles drive a wedge between you. You could have had something very, very hot, if only you were willing to forego serenity. Everything has its cost.

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