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Sun square Jupiter

Loved to Laugh

Kelli Fox

It was lucky for you that you and your mate could laugh, both at each other and at yourselves. That was a strong plus in a relationship that was sometimes challenging. You were impressed with your mate, and rightly so.

They were generous to a fault, stately, wise, and larger than life. You tended to be just a bit egotistic, and your sweetie helped keep you grounded and sane, even as you encouraged each other to dream big and go after what you wanted. But it seemed at times that you were at cross purposes. Fate threw obstacles in your way, or each of you made choices that created chaos and friction. You got annoyed with each other too easily, each accusing the other of being self-centered, overconfident, so driven to meet the goals you'd set that you lost sight of the big picture. And you know what? You both had a point. You two could have been bringing out the best in each other, but instead you wasted your energy on silly disagreements. If you'd wanted to make this work, you should have stopped the fighting and started throwing your attention towards what you loved about each other. And laughed a little more. Because if you two had started laughing together, you could have survived anything. Humor is, after all, the best medicine.

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