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Sun quincunx Venus

Yin-Yang Clash

Kelli Fox

It's not that you didn't admire your lover. On the contrary, you recognized the qualities that drew you hither: beauty, kindness, a sweet-natured desire to connect deeply with others. But along with those good points came some bad ones, and that's what had you all riled up.

You were annoyed, even contemptuous, over what you viewed as laziness. Your lover was a gentle dreamer, while you're a mover and a shaker. And that bugged you. Must you do everything yourself to get things done right? What would light a fire under your sweetie's tail to get them moving?Sorry to let you in on this, but almost no one can measure up to your high standards. And though you didn't realize it, your lover's relaxed nature was exactly what a striver like you really needs. You could have been getting the nurturing and affection that provided the healing yin to your raging yang, if you had just relaxed enough to enjoy it. You needed to cut your lover some slack. Even though their way of doing things may not have been your way, that didn't make it the wrong way. Had you focused more on your lover's more admirable qualities instead of concentrating on what was missing, you might have found that the climate of your relationship improved. Keep that in mind for the next time.

Sun quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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