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Sun quincunx Sun

A Challenged Mismatch

Kelli Fox

Someone was on the outs in this unbalanced pairing -- did you hang on to a lover that you felt was too good for you? Or did you find yourself a sweetie who admired you so humbly that you felt both flattered and, in your heart of hearts, contemptuous? Either way, your suspicions were correct: You and your squeeze were definitely a mismatch.

It seemed you almost never saw eye-to-eye. And worst of all, you didn't even have much in common. Sticking with this relationship was probably a long, hard, frustrating slog.Though you two were fundamentally mismatched, there are pairs who manage to transcend the astrological hurdles strewn in their way. If both of you had felt you just couldn't live without the other, quibbles and all, you would both have been capable of bending just enough to come together in harmony. You could have learned to accept what you thought of as your lover's shortcomings. Instead of focusing on what your relationship lacked, you might have turned your attention to the qualities you admired in your sweetie -- perhaps this is a key for future success. With a little time and attention this love could have grown, like a magnificent flower that takes root in stony soil.

Sun quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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