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Sun quincunx Saturn

Emotional Rescue

Kelli Fox

You're the kind of person who drives through life looking in the rearview mirror. Yeah, your past wasn't ideal. People haven't always treated you as kindly as they could have, and your parents were anything but supportive.

But why do you marinate in your misery? That victim label doesn't flatter you, you know. You're such a vital, vibrant soul; don't let your sunshine be dimmed by your rage -- and yes, rage is what it is, masquerading as hurt. Now, speaking of dim, it is true you chose a rather stodgy lover; serious where you were lighthearted, weighty and solid where you were impetuous and moving in too many directions. Your lover pulled out your best qualities simply by acting as a reality check. Yet your disparities troubled you. You didn't feel as connected, or as comfortable as you could have. The two of you couldn't seem to relax together into something sweet and easy. But if you could have found a way to unload some of your emotional baggage, to become more comfortable in your own skin, you would have found more ease in your pairing. Work on these sticky issues before you throw your hat into the arena of love next time.

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