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Sun quincunx Pluto

That Was An Intense Connection

Kelli Fox

Your love wasn't always pretty. What was once a delicious attachment collapsed in on itself. What happened?

One of you forgot the old maxim about the need to let the things you love roam free. Insecurity led to jealousy, jealousy into attempts to control each other. Intense arguments flared, marked by middle-of-the-night discussions, slammed doors, raised voices. In the beginning you had fun together. But that all became a distant memory. But all did not have to be lost if you didn't want it to be. What was needed was a little balance and flexibility. You didn't choose a lover you could wrap up in a tidy little box. No, your lover was passionate and powerful; someone you could admire but not someone who was easy to live with. So you couldn't expect every aspect of your lives together to go just exactly as you'd have liked all the time. Your lover surprised you, and though that could be disconcerting, with the right mindset it could have been exhilarating. You were never bored, and that counted for a lot. You should have enjoyed your intense connection, because without it your life seems a lot more gray.

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