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Sun quincunx Mercury

This Was An Awkward Mix

Kelli Fox

A day late and a dollar short. Does that about cover it? There were so many good things about your relationship, but for whatever reason you couldn't quite seem to make it all hang together.

You found your lover intriguing, oh yes, indeed, but you couldn't seem to get comfortable. There were awkward pauses in your conversation. You didn't get each other's jokes. You couldn't make that comfortable connection that makes staying together seem more natural and easy than splitting up.It may have seemed as if inevitable doom was in your forecast, but that wasn't necessarily so. Individuals can triumph over the obstacles that make the path of their true love rocky, and you and your sweetie could have been star-crossed lovers who persevered. What would have spelled success? A connection so strong that it made working a little harder well worth it. Did you feel you couldn't live without the love you shared? If so, you could have learned to be flexible. If you had taken an interest in your sweetie's passions and played down the things you didn't share, you would have found that things ran more smoothly -- eventually.

Sun quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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