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Sun quincunx Jupiter

There Was Sweet Confusion

Kelli Fox

You chose yourself such a sweet-natured lover, didn't you? Kindhearted, loving, lovable. Your family approved, your friends were big fans, everyone told you how lucky you were to have landed this fine fish.

So why didn't you just relax and enjoy yourself? The unease you felt was beneath the surface, almost unconscious, and you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Everything looked great on paper. You shared so many qualities, including a certain integrity, a desire to be genuinely good and helpful to others. Why couldn't seem to connect? Your relationship felt forced, strained. You struggled to make conversation. You just couldn't relax. What you feared in your heart of hearts was, unfortunately, the case -- yours was not a love that would ever run smoothly. You could never have relaxed into easy contentment with this person. The fundamental problem you glimpsed never dissipated. But there was much to draw you together. There was much that originally attracted you to your lover, including that expansive sense of humor.

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