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Sun opposite Uranus

Hot But Unbalanced

Kelli Fox

Ultimately, you may have wanted more from this relationship than your lover did. You were so very attracted, it's true; your lover possessed an original point of view, and a stylish way of doing things that impressed you. You were charmed, dazzled, turned on your head.

So you ignored all the warning signs you should have been heeding. Ask yourself some difficult questions. When the subject of permanence came up, did your sweetie offer up plans of growing old with you in some rocker somewhere? Or did a strange silence suddenly fall between you? It would have been better to have such conversations sooner rather than later, you know, when you were laying your heart on the line. If this thing was going to work, you would have had to scale back your expectations, and rustled up a little of that confidence that's always been yours to command. You didn't expect your lover to be the cuddle-by-the-fire type, did you? Instead, you should have reveled in a connection that was less constant, but more passionate. After all, who needed to snooze on a sofa when you could have had long, hot sleepless nights instead?

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