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Sun opposite Saturn

Missed Potential

Kelli Fox

In your heart of hearts, what you really wanted was a relationship that would last. You wanted to grow with someone, to have the freedom to keep changing across the continuum of your life and be assured that you had a partner that would roll with the punches. So wasn't it nice that you chosen this lover?

Your sweetie was the strong solid type, a person who could make lasting connections and be loyal for life. You were both set up to make something beautiful -- so why did you stomp all over it?Stupid fights wrecked what you had. You know it, don't you? Yet if asked for an explanation of the friction between you, the two of you would probably blame each other. Your lover intentionally pricked your sore spots, kicking you when you're down. Wrong! Oh, so wrong! The real story was that your sweetie wouldn't let you rest on your laurels. The very best, and nothing less, was demanded of you. If you had learned how to start delivering instead of complaining, you'd have found that you and your special someone had an easier path. Next time, step up to the plate instead of whining to the umpire.

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