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Sun opposite Mars

Forces of Nature

Kelli Fox

What a pair you and your lover made -- both vital and driven, passionate and forceful. You impressed each other from the beginning, and as time went on you remained no less dazzled by your mate's confidence and boldness. The bad news?

All that energy was too often directed at tearing each other down rather than building each other up. You bickered over things large and small, each of you determined to win at any cost. Tempers flared easily -- you may even have heard from friends or loved ones that being around the pair of you made others nervous, as they never knew when sparks would strike. The answer might have been in accepting the polarities between you. You shared many attributes, including a certain daring. But you would never have agreed on everything. You needed to figure out ways to reduce your exposure to your lover's least-admirable qualities, and offer compromises rather than issuing demands. You didn't have to think of compromise as losing the battle that always seemed to rage between you -- instead it was winning the ultimate war to stay together. You may be someone who likes it hot. If so, give a thought to ways you can head off the riskier aspects of that passion.

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