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Saturn square Sun

Your Past Intruded

Kelli Fox

You bagged yourself one great big trophy of a lover, but that did not mean your mate was easy to live with. Intense and confident, magnetic and driven, your sweetie was a star but required special handling. The two of you were often at odds.

There was tension between you. Friction. Fights. You wanted things defined and taped down; your lover was more of a 'If it feels good, do it' type. And that made you feel insecure. So you said too much, demanded reassurance, embarrassed yourself. Here's a tip for future reference: When you have to ask if you're loved or adored, you suddenly become a lot less lovable and adorable.Much of the problem was related to your past. Think carefully -- were you unconsciously repeating patterns? Were you treating your lover more like a burden than a partner? If so, you found your attitude caused problems galore, not the least because a lover's supposed to be a friend and an equal, not a prima donna needing a bodyguard. Examine your actions in light of your childhood. Seeing some familiar patterns now? It was time to move forward.

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