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Saturn square Saturn

Parent and Child

Kelli Fox

Whether you believe in karma or not, it came back to bite you in this relationship. You were getting the same treatment you doled out to someone else in the past, and you didn't like it one bit. There was an age difference between you and your partner, one that likely hovered around 7 years, and it caused a schism between you.

The older of your pairing treated the younger one more like a wayward teenager than an equal partner: Rules were set down, deviations were criticized, dreams were crushed. The younger partner was left to play the part of a naughty child, rebelling in secret while submitting outwardly. And both of you thought you knew better than your mate, a problem that contributed to your not listening to each other.The solution to your problems would have been to lighten up a little while still holding on to what worked in your relationship. You helped keep each other stay focused and achieve your goals. But you didn't have a lot of fun together. You needed to make time for activities you both enjoyed, and not neglect the sweet side of your pairing. If you could have worked through your issues, you had a pairing in which much work and accomplishment was possible.

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