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Saturn square Mercury

Different Viewpoints

Kelli Fox

The two of you had some difficulty making a go of it. You were suspicious of each other. You didn't see eye-to-eye.

You, in particular, viewed your mate with a kind of contempt. That slippery, glib sweetie of yours could be a lot of fun, but seemed awfully insubstantial. You couldn't get the kind of security you craved; it felt as if your lover wouldn't commit. Worse, they had an awful tendency to blurt out the wrong thing in the wrong moment, and let loose some uncomfortable, unvarnished truths that lingered in your mind long after the moment had passed.The key to your problems lay in your past, both distant and recent. Problems you faced long ago left their mark. You were closed where you should have been open, secretive and distant where you should have been accepting and warm. Your path was leading nowhere, so why did you hold on so tightly to old, negative patterns? Some work on yourself would have resulted in a sweet thaw between you two. Your lover was waiting for a cue to let loose a torrent of love; all you needed do was open up and let it in.

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