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Saturn square Mars

Hot and Cold

Kelli Fox

You received a taste of your own medicine, and you didn't like it one bit. You were usually the one who had the upper hand in relationships, sitting in judgment against a partner who you felt didn't measure up to your high standards. But your passionate sweetie had you in an uproar.

Compelling, magnetic, but awfully hard to tame, your lover alternated between periods of aggressive interest, followed by boredom. And you were stuck between the two poles, infuriated but interested. You felt as though you couldn't get your footing, as though you were at a loss.Does it help to know that your mate didn't mean to blow hot and cold? Your sweetie often hurt the ones they loved, though it wasn't intentional. The key to maintaining your sanity would have been self-confidence; mustering that hardworking practical strength and hunkering down to work on your own projects. Your dear would have come hither once it was clear that you were not going to beg and scrape for crumbs of affection. The commitment you were craving was not out of the question; but it would have required that you bring some calm to your tempestuous pas de deux.

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