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Saturn quincunx Uranus

Differing Needs

Kelli Fox

The tension between you and your lover could be thick enough to cut with a knife, painful enough to make you want to scream. The problems you experienced could be laid handily at the doors of your very different natures. You wanted structure and stability -- you wanted to know where your relationship was going, you wanted to know you could count on a date for the movies and quiet dinners at home.

But the mate you chose was anything but the stay-by-the-fire type. Instead, your sweetie wanted to socialize eight days a week. You lacked substantive time alone enjoying your pairing, and were either dragged along to events you'd rather not have patronized or left at home, wondering what was going on when you were not around to supervise. You had very different needs. But if you had really wanted this relationship to survive, the answer was to let go a little. What's that old saying about if you love something, set it free? Love is not a puppy you can squeeze or a document you can pore over. Instead it is unpredictable and fierce, by turns sweet and biting. You need to savor both sides of your love relationship. Don't ask for more than your lover can give, and ironically, you'll find that you got a lot more. Good advice for next time!

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