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Saturn quincunx Neptune

Past Was Made Present

Kelli Fox

Past indiscretions have a way of coming back, and yours rebounded on you. Your mate discovered something you wanted to keep hidden, and you felt exposed and insecure. What you feared was true -- your lover did think less of you than before.

But what you didn't know was that the shift was due more to your secrecy than to what you hid. How could your mate trust you when you kept things hidden? You needed to open up. Reveal all the aspects of the situation. What were you feeling at the time? How had it affected your life? How had you changed since then?Opening up like this would have been quite uncomfortable for you. So you reverted to your usual pattern, pretending like nothing was going on while you buried your head in work. You feared rejection if your lover knew your true self. But you had to let some air into your dark closet. It was hard to breathe back there! You should have let your lover know what was up; explained the repercussions of your past choices, and allowed them to make choices about what to do next. It would have been scary being an open book, but you would only have moved forward by letting go.

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