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Saturn quincunx Mars

Shrinking Violet

Kelli Fox

Why did you assign yourself the lowest rung on the ladder? While it was true that your lover was somewhat intimidating, all passion and fire and aggression, you were a star in your own right, albeit a somewhat less showy one. You humbly hoped that others would see your worth, but you hid your own light.

You shouldn't have played the part of a shrinking violet, afraid to ask for (or even demand!) what you wanted. Your mate could never have respected quiet submission. Instead, you needed to stand up to your sweetie. Speak your mind. You had a right to an equal say in your lives together, even though you felt somewhat timid when faced with your mate's firm convictions and aggressive ways of getting things done.Being this upfront may have made you uncomfortable for a time, but it's a learning process. If you'd worked through this discomfort, it would only have been temporary. In the meantime, your partner would have gradually grown to respect you more, appreciate your connection more fully. Instead you were viewed as something of a pushover. Wouldn't you rather have been a peer and an equal? You needed to stand up and take your due. There was no reason to feel like second best. Claim your place in the next relationship.

Saturn quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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