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Saturn quincunx Jupiter

Burdens and Obligations

Kelli Fox

You were always the kind of lover your mates bragged about to their moms -- reliable, sensible, stable, loyal. But something about this lover turned your usual style upside down. You felt burdened by what you viewed as your obligation to them.

You also carried guilt from bad choices you made in the past, and that guilt carried over into this relationship, causing you to take on more responsibility and commitment than you really felt ready for.But why blame your mate for your own bad choices? Obligations weren't placed upon you. You took them on yourself. If you didn't want to be burdened, you should just have said so. You could have sought the advice of friends, who might have helped you clarify what you wanted and what you should have rejected. Then you could have picked and chosen; said no to some things, yes to others. You should have give in to your lover on some matters, but insisted on your own way elsewhere. It wasn't comfortable for you, speaking your mind. It may have brought on a difficult transitional period, but at the end of it your lover would have known --and adored -- the real you. Before that can happen, though, you have to love yourself. There's plenty to love, so get started!

Saturn quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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