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Saturn opposite Venus

Were You Holding Back?

Kelli Fox

You chose yourself such a sweet, loving lover -- why did you grow apart? You viewed everything from a distance, loved but not loving. Was it jealousy that hardened your heart?

It's true that your sweetie was flirtatious and sensual; so different than you. It was their second nature to gather great groups of admirers. This didn't mean that you didn't have it all, just that there were so many people who envied you for what you had. But to a more serious, restrained person like you, it looked like your dear one was tweaking your green-eyed side on purpose.You needed to relax. Your mate was not one to sneak and betray. You bagged yourself a lover who was really in love -- with you, even though you weren't acting so adorably. You should have rewarded your sweetie's attentions with some romantic gestures of your own. Breakfast in bed? Tender massages? You needed to stop withholding your affection; everything you gave would have been returned to you. A little energy spent on physical pursuits and affection could have produced just the thaw between you that you were looking for. Next time, don't be quite to standoffish. Jump into the fray and you'll find it's a lot warmer in there.

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