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Saturn opposite Uranus

'Interesting' Couple

Kelli Fox

People probably told you that you and your lover were an 'interesting' couple. You two didn't add up on paper. You were the solid and reliable one, who held down a good job and trotted through life's paces staunchly.

Your sweetie, on the other hand, was a mover-and-shaker, given to dramatic (and nerve-wrackingly sudden!) life-changing moves, glamour, and indulgence. But something about the two of you worked, at least for a while. It was not all sunshine and roses, though. One of you -- likely you -- was quite jealous and possessive, a quality the other found particularly unappealing. The jealous partner demanded too much information, and wanted the relationship moving in a defined direction, now. This left the other partner feeling stifled, rebellious -- and ironically, in the mindframe to stray.If the jealousy could have been conquered, there was plenty to recommend your pairing. You enjoyed each other's company; your conversation sparkled and snapped. The jealous partner had to vow to lighten up a little -- and then actually do it. This stimulating relationship might have been well worth the effort, and giving up those negative emotions would have removed the anchor that weighed you both down.

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