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Saturn opposite Mercury

Serious Met Slick

Kelli Fox

You heard a laundry list of your failures, did you not? You're stiff. Serious.

Absolutely no fun, a pain in the tush, and depressing to boot. It would all be unforgivable, if it weren't true. But your partner was no prize pig either, cursed with the knack of always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, embarrassing you in front of friends and coworkers. What was interesting about the pair of you was that you hated in each other what you feared in yourself. Your mate was well aware of a certain tendency towards sloth and slack, and hated the way your drive and stick-to-itness pointed up those failings. Meanwhile, you recognized in yourself a lack of lightness and fun.Instead of criticizing each other for what you lacked, why didn't you pass on your strengths? If you could have bent a little, you could have taken on a few of your partner's quick, easy ways, and been a little easier to approach. You could have had more fun, in many areas of your life. Your mate, on the other hand, could have stood a little more discipline and responsibility. You needed to stop resisting and relax. There was nothing that would have harmed you here. Clear, forthright communication could have solved many of your problems, and it didn't have to hurt.

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