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Pluto square Saturn

Blame Game

Kelli Fox

Each of you thought the other was at fault in your problems; each of you was eager to cast blame but slow to accept it. And you were both right. Your mate really did hold you to impossible standards and nitpick; you, on the other hand, held a grudge forever and punished your lover for what you viewed as infractions.

The pair of you were eternally at war, whether it was on the surface or not. You often acted against your best interest because you were so invested in sticking it to your mate -- and what was the point of that? In addition, you jealously insisted that your lover's time, all of it, belonged to you. You badmouthed your lover's friends and attempted to manipulate your lover into dumping them.So how could you have thawed the chill between you? The answer would have made you quite uncomfortable, because you were going to have to give up a bit of control. If you wanted this to work, you were going to have to stop demanding that your mate be accountable only to you -- and given your lover some free time and space to see other friends. You shouldn't have held on to anger; instead, you should have let go with a more loving heart. None of this would have come naturally to you, but you needed to begin if you were to endure.

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