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Pluto square Mars

Fighting All the Way

Kelli Fox

It was a spicy pairing you grabbed hold of, but not an easy one. Both you and your mate were movers and shakers, driven to do and see and control. But it was that last bit that kept things tense -- control.

Who had it? Who wanted it? It's likely that you grabbed the helm, but that your lover fought you all the way. It was all for naught since you always won. But the victory didn't give you peace, and didn't bring the two of you closer. As you grew more tired of a lover who let you crush their desires, your mate got weary of being stifled all the time. Your lover may have searched for another to take your place.You simply needed to let go a little if you wanted this to work. It was possible, if you vowed to do so and then didn't let yourself off the hook. You needed to let your mate hold sway in decisions both unimportant and major -- you could have trusted in the correctness of the decisions, since you were making them together. If you could have stopped squeezing so hard, your mate would have stopped fighting you -- and wouldn't a little peace have been a great change?

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