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Pluto quincunx Venus

Tender Enemies

Kelli Fox

Naughty, naughty -- your mother wouldn't have been very proud of your behavior. Not only were you a little cold and contemptuous towards the one who coveted your heart, but you may have slipped into an almost abusive behavior pattern. Your lover had a tendency to risk all for love, to participate in unnecessary drama in order to satisfy an unrealistic need for it (particularly the romantic kind).

You, on the other hand, had priorities -- and at the very top of your list were your own needs and desires. So your driving force met your lover's yielding compromise, with predictable results. Your lover got very little and gave all. This kind of imbalance was destined not to last for long.You did have soft and tender feelings for your mate -- but you withheld them instead of letting them shine out. You had found a place of trust and ease, yet you would not relax into it. You should have done so and stopped trying to control your lover, to be the master of all details. You had to let your sweetie make some of the decisions. The result would have been a splendid flow of affection between you; love between equals, not a truce between enemies.

Pluto quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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