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Pluto quincunx Mercury

Lack of Respect

Kelli Fox

Being with your mate felt uncomfortably like the meeting of polar opposites. You were all cool control, your mate impulsive fluidity. You were almost calculating in your ability to formulate a plan and go after what you wanted step by step, while your mate was apt to make stabs at goals, losing patience quickly when rewards were slow to come.

It is likely that you had a difficult time understanding each other. You contemptuously watched your mate flailing and took secret pleasure in having it more together; your sweetie took delight in defying you, or worse, swatted away your attempts at control like someone brushing away a fly.Your pairing could never have worked unless the two of you had amped up the respect level. Why were you together, anyway? There were things that drew you to each other, qualities you admired in your mate before a tidal flood of familiarity swept in and ate away at your affection. If you had wanted this to work, you would have had to try spending more downtime together, doing things you both enjoyed. You needed to talk and listen, kiss and cuddle. If you had been able to tap in to the sweet side of your pairing, the ill feelings between you would have blown away by a breath of fresh air.

Pluto quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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