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Pluto quincunx Jupiter

Two Movie Stars

Kelli Fox

The problem in your relationship was that both of you wanted to be the movie star, and there was no one left to play adoring fan. Each of you wanted to hold the wheel and set the course of your love-boat; neither of you were willing to give an inch. So what you were left with were battles.

You argued over everything -- who was going to park the car, which of you was responsible for choosing that horrible vacation spot. Small snafus became great big arguments, with both of you endlessly negotiating for control and power. The result? You were both exhausted, so busy spending all your energy in combat that there was little left over to be supportive and kind.On the good side, you were at least an equal match. In fact, that was partly what caused your problems, because you both gave as good as you got. This balance could have been used for good as well as ill. You could have taken on a problem together, instead of viewing each other as the problem. Once you learned to work together more harmoniously, you would have gained a mutual respect for each other's abilities. You'd have been able to see the good in your mate rather than resisting out of habit, a favorable feeling that was bound to spread.

Pluto quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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