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Pluto opposite Sun

A Blinding Passion

Kelli Fox

You and your partner would never have been one of those cooing couples who made others envy their bond. Instead, you were more like spitting, clawing cats. You in particular wanted to bring your lover to heel, to control their every move and decision.

You could be possessive and jealous, demanding every bit of your mate's attention. It was unattractive, this power play. It lowered you in your lover's eyes. But since you were controlled by unconscious urges, you couldn't resist. In social settings you could be overbearing -- you might have grabbed your mate harder than was needed, holding on with all your might. But the harder you grasped and squeezed, the more your lover fought back.But there were some good things. You'd finally chosen someone who would put up a fight. No timid lover this, your battling egoist matched you blow for blow. And that was what made for an exciting, but not an easy life. You wouldn't ever have been able to relax with one another and fully let down your guard -- but you did enjoy being unnerved and on your toes; it made for such blinding passion. Next time, try going for passion without all the drama. It's a sign of maturity.

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