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Pluto opposite Saturn

You Were Cornered

Kelli Fox

You were boxed into a corner and you didn't see a way out. Your mate likely had something on you -- you were being punished for a past transgression of some type, or they had information that could have been damaging to your relationship with another. Instead of letting go of that anger, that power, your mate exploited it to the max.

You were usually the punishing partner in relationships, but you got a dose of your own medicine and you didn't like it one bit. Your lover may have been using that hold over you to control your time or ordain your actions, and though you chafed at the bit you submitted nonetheless.Why were you, the powerful and important one, laid so low by this significant other? The answer lay in your past. Did this relationship hold echoes of others? Did you have a parent who treated you in this fashion? Think about it: In enacting your dramas, were you really acting out old issues from your past? Once you saw your motivation clearly, finding a good way out began to seem more plausible. Although mutual respect was possible, eventually, if you stood up for yourself, you are probably better off without this person.

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