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Pluto opposite Mercury

Lacking in Patience

Kelli Fox

Your mate set your alarm bells ringing. You liked to have everything nailed down, i's dotted, t's crossed, your thumb firmly on the throttle of your destiny. But this time you'd chosen one who couldn't be pinned that easily.

Your lover was made of more fluid stuff, material that would take the shape of whatever it was in but would just as quickly move on. Your sweetie may not have shown up for dates, or been late for appointments. It often seemed as if the two of you were at cross-purposes, as if one of you was ready to move closer while the other one was seeking space.On the other hand, you always found your lover interesting, if sometimes annoying. If you had wanted to make this work, what you would have needed to do was conquer the dark side of your pairing was loads and loads of patience. You couldn't expect your lover to be as controlled and on-task is you -- you needed to give your mate a bit of a break, not insist your difficult standards be maintained all the time. You couldn't demand every second be accounted for; you had to try to relax a little and take on a bit of your lover's ease. You'd have found yourself all the better for it. Relaxing the reigns of control will help all your relationships flow more smoothly.

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