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Pluto opposite Mars

Fighting to Win, Not to Love

Kelli Fox

Your household was not a peaceful one, or a happy one. Even in the best of times, you and your mate argued. Voices were raised.

Doors were slammed. Dishes were thrown. Impulsive and wrong decisions were made. One of you likely had a habit of splitting when the chips are down, jumping in the car and taking off and only slinking back when things had cooled. But they didn't cool, and they would never have cooled between the two of you when both of you were so hellbent on controlling the other. What kind of match was this, with two people fighting to win rather than to love?The peace you craved should have begun with you. You knew what set your mate off. You started pulling levers when you knew the results beforehand. If you wanted this to work, you should have backed off. Tried a different approach. Said something kind instead of something snotty. Tried 'Whatever you think, honey' instead of 'My way or the highway.' And you needed to mean it! You chose a mate who could stand up to you, one who was going somewhere in life.

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