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No quincunxes

Together Because You Wanted To Be

Kelli Fox

With no quincunxes -- one type of stressful planetary connection -- between you, there was good news: It was safe to say that you two were together purely because you wanted to be. You weren't drawn to each other for some deep, unfathomable reason; your mutual attraction was bold and aboveboard -- and what a relief! After all, plenty of couples are pulled together by forces even they don't understand, forces like karma and unconscious, psychological urges that stem from their deep pasts.

But you two did have relationship issues to work out; every couple has them. The previous chapters in this report will help you to clarify and understand the issues you faced together, and how you could have used these challenges for growth and positive transformation. You each brought your own, unique family conditioning and relationship history into your pairing, for example, but there are issues you could have thought about, talked about and worked on together with great openness and awareness. One area of difficulty you two may have experienced together, however, concerned the issue of compromise. Every successful relationship requires that both partners learn the art of give-and-take. Flexibility and compromise may not have come easily for you two. But with practice, each of you could have learned the cues that would have let you know when it was time to back down from an issue or give your sweetie center stage for the good of the relationship. You should have considered yourselves fortunate among couples. There was no heavy odor of karmic debt permeating the air of your relationship; the problems you faced together were rooted in this lifetime, and could have been worked through in this lifetime, too. You two could have brought great awareness to each other, and if you had learned to bend and adjust for the success of the relationship, your pairing would have lasted as long as you both wanted to be there.

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