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Neptune square Venus

Romantic Illusions

Kelli Fox

You were lost in the fog, and you couldn't see clearly. Something -- some kind of drama around your relationship? -- was preventing you from seeing things as they really were.

Did you listen to your mate when you discussed where the relationship was headed? Or were you just in love with love, addicted to the highs and lows and unwilling to face reality? You had an idealized picture of your lover, and of your relationship. It was likely you met under charged circumstances, and you may have felt like the two of you triumphed over the odds. And you did, sorta. It's just that the relationship you managed to capture was gauzy, insubstantial, unreliable.The only cure for all this uncertainty would have been a good, strong dose of reality. Learning to listen to what your lover was telling you, particularly when you were discussing the direction your relationship was headed. Not thinking your mate was saying one thing and meaning another -- that was just your own wishful thinking. Your mate was being honest about the challenges you faced and the limitations of your pairing. You ignored what you were hearing just because you wished it were different; therein lay the path to heartbreak. To avoid that path the next time, you'll have to bite the bullet and get a grip on reality.

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