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Neptune square Mercury

Your Needs Were Ignored

Kelli Fox

Sensitive you tended to be trounced by your quicksilver partner, so yours was a difficult pairing. You may have felt as if you were the second-class citizen in your relationship, as if your own needs always took a back seat to those of your mate. Your logical, quick-thinking sweetie always had a plan ready for what needed to be done and when, but what you needed had a way of falling off the map.

It's not that your mate intended to be selfish or cruel; it's just that you were not apt to communicate how you were feeling and what you would have liked to see happen.But your mate was not a mind-reader, you know. You were so dreamy and sweet that you tended to go along with their plans, not communicating your private resentment that once more your mate took over. But no one could have intimidated you or bossed you around if you hadn't let it happen! You needed to try speaking up a bit. Asking for what you wanted. It didn't come naturally to you, but it was the only door out of your quandary. Your lover would have given you what you wanted -- you just needed to learn to ask for it. Moving forward, don't be so shy to speak up. You deserve to get what you want.

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