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Neptune square Jupiter

You Played Nursemaid

Kelli Fox

You found yourself in a place you'd been before, burdened with someone else's problems. You've always tried to be there for your loved ones, a friend in a crisis. But your sensitive nature has often led you astray.

You are a sucker for people who don't have your best interests at heart. And people take advantage of that. It was not that your amour was bad, just a tad self-centered, wrapped up in a set of problems and issues that sucked up all the attention. Goodhearted pal that you were, you sunk your energy into the maw too. But for whatever reason, your time and care weren't giving you the results you would have liked.In the past, you would have ignored your dissatisfaction, buried your head in the sand and lived with your head in the clouds. But times changed. You changed. And you worked hard on yourself, so you shouldn't have stopped in this relationship. You had to demand equal time. Been sure you got as much as you gave. With a balance of roles would have come greater respect and affection between the two of you -- it would have been your gift for putting your newfound backbone to work. Next time will be a lot better.

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